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finally a quick and simple way to monitor moisture on systems without a sight-glass moisture indicator..!









" QwikLook attaches quickly to the low side service valve and remains in place to continuously monitor system moisture.

Like sight glass indicators, QwikLook turns pink when system moisture exceeds 50 ppm. In a dry system, QwikLook is white or light blue. Durable QwikLook has been designed and tested to withstand typical refrigeration pressures, slight or moderate impact, exposure to typical chemicals used in refrigeration and UV exposure. "





QwikLook installs in seconds on the low-side service valve. You leave the service valve in place, so if you need access to it at a future date, you simply remove the QwikLook just as you would remove the service cap.

The QwikLook's patent-pending design does not need to have refrigerant flowing through it (like an inline moisture indicator). It monitors moisture levels in a manner similar to conventional inline flow-through indicators. After the initial installation, it takes about 50 hours of operation to provide an accurate reading. We suggest you tell the equipment owner to wait about one week before checking the indicator, and then to check it periodically after that.

QwikLook generates repeat business, because it has a call back tag for the equipment owner. This tag has a place for your name and phone number with instructions to call you for service if the QwikLook indicator becomes pink in color, indicating moisture in the system.
















QwikLook™ Instructions For Using

QwikLook™ Laboratory Test Results

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