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removes acid and leaves no residue ..!

" QwikShot® Acid Flush is the only product that removes acid from an operating system by flushing it from the liquid and hard surfaces that contain the acid, and letting the filter-drier in the system remove the acid.

A filter-drier does an excellent job of removing acid, (by adsorption not by neutralization). The problem with relying on the filter-drier to remove the acid, without QwikShot®, is that a significant portion of acid that is trapped on the hard surfaces and in the oil never gets to the filter-drier to be removed. QwikShot flushes this acid into the filter-drier where it is adsorbed.

The patented QwikShot is the only acid treatment available that does not neutralize the acid and does not leave a residue of any kind. Other neutralization acid treatments leave a residue of some kind--a basic law of chemical reactions--and can therefore cause serious problems to an A/C system."

Provides preventive maintenance;
Eliminates the risk of subsequent burn-outs after a compressor burn-out change-out.

Flushes the acid without neutralizing;
Other acid neutralizing treatments available in the market neutralize the acid but they ALLWAYS form a salt residue. The corrosive salt residue remains in the system and cause equipment failures.The advantage of this patented QwikShot® approach of liberating the acid is that there is no acid neutralization reaction and therefore no formation of a caustic corrosive solid salt residue. This innovative technology to provide this acid liberation is only available with QwikShot®. Remember that when using QwikShot®, not only is the acid removed from the system by the filter-drier, the QwikShot® is also removed by the filter-drier. QwikShot® acid treatment leaves no residue in the system.

One product for all.!;
QwikShot® is compatible with all refrigeration lubricant, refrigerant, and compressor types. One product does it all..!






















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